Shopping 101

This is a guide to help prepare for the best shopping times
of the year.

It can easily be broken down into three major shopping times
along with other not as big sale times.

For the deals follow these times and the deals will come.

The second shopping holiday is “December 26
Overflow” this holiday season is starting to become bigger now that it’s
also starting to be marked by discounts on all holiday decorations and also the
heaviest return item day for new items making it a very large shopping day.

The third large shopping day is “Seasons Change”
now this is the best time to get your deals on the outgoing season items, for
example if you are looking for winter clothes then the best time to hit these
items for discount prices would be heading into spring. The retailers are
trying to get rid of these clothing items. The thing with this holiday is that
it occurs all year round just changing to match which ever season is going out
for the year.

Now with these three settings there is no reason that the
pocket books can’t get healthier with all of these deals available for the
valued shopper.