Shopping Genie – Best Prices Or Home Business

Have you ever spent lots of time searching on the internet for the best deal on a product and wished a Shopping Genie would appear to do it for you?  Well recently a company called MyNetUniverse developed the  Myshoppinggenie application which runs on your computer and does exactly that.

When you type in a search for any item on your favourite search engine ie Google, Yahoo  etc, the Shopping genie pops up automatically and presents you with the best deals and comparisons of products.  It all happens in an instant and you can set the genie up to find best deals in any location.  Suppose you live in Florida but travel to Texas to visit relatives, and when you arrive there you discover that you need a new car tyre.

Open your laptop, change the location to Texas (or put in the zip code) and the genie will find the best tyre deal for you at your location.  Even if you have no idea who sells tyres in Texas and where they are located, the Genie will do all the work for you – now that is magic.

Best of all you can download the Myshoppinggenie absolutely free and use it just about anywhere in the world. Users of the genie report that they are saving $ 200 monthly on average because of the Genie, so everyone should get one. 

There is also a distribution program that you can join so that you have the rights to distribute unlimited genies globally.  The distributor earns income from all the Genie users they introduce when it is used to compare prices, purchase any products found by the genie or when users upgrade to distributor level. There is absolutely no obligation to become a distributor however, so you can simply use the genie to save money on everyday purchases.

The MyShoppingGenie system is very powerful and can save you time and money as a user, and provide unlimited income as a home business venture.  All you have to do is download the small application onto your computer and the genie will do all the rest.  There is also a Genie lamp that can be downloaded to your toolbar which notifies you when there are new updates and information newsletters.  This ensures that you do not miss out on the information because your antivirus software blocked an email that you wanted to receive from the genie.